Friday, October 5, 2012

Photos to Share

I've been absent a bit, haven't I?  (rhetorical question, folks ... )  Part of my absence is due to work, gym, getting Stan settled in school (eeek, a high school Junior!), and part of it is because we took a few weeks at the end of the summer to visit my family in Australia.  Yeah, yeah, I know ... summer ended about a month ago and only now I'm posting here? My bad. But hey, I'm making up for it by sharing some of my favorite pictures from the trip - okay?  So, here you go:

As usual, our visit was too short, but I must say, we still managed to do quite a bit: Canberra and Sydney zoos, a walk-in aviary, segway riding (Stan only), go-kart racing, climbed to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge (third time - but this time, in the wind and rain - interesting experience, but still fun), and dinner and lunch out with friends (our "extended family", as Stan likes to call them) - and a big thanks to Donna for organizing everything. 

Coming back from the trip, there was no rest ... back to work two days later.  The jet-lag hit about two days after that, and by the end of the second week, I was at the doctors, coughing up a lung.  Seems I contracted not only a regular cold-type virus, but a sinus infection, too.  All I wanted at that point was sleep.  Couldn't care less about the cough ... sllleeeeep.  Nearly two weeks of being on the go and only getting 2-3 hours of sleep, sitting up, a night.  Not good.  Boy, did he fix that! LOL  I look at the cough mixture and it says 1 teaspoon - one?!  That's it?  Doctor also warned me not to drive - under NO circumstances - once I've taken the medicine.  Um.  Okay.  Wowza - take a measly teaspoon and within about 15 minutes ... BAM!  Asleep.  Aaaahhh. Nice. Between the cough mixture, the antibiotics, and an allergy decongestant, I was feeling much better within a few days.

Right now, though, we're all doing well.  Stan's back in school and struggling in a few subjects (Physics, mainly), but doing really well in others, like English and Computing.  Bill has started a new job - and YAY! it's NOT as a contractor.  Some of the contract slots that he worked on "went government" and he applied for and was awarded one of the Fed spots.  Now, this is still the Defense Department, so not a guarantee of work (depends on the upcoming election, I guess), but certainly much more stable than a contractor, and better benefits.

Starting to see holiday decorations in the stores.  Really? Can we get through Halloween first, and maybe Thanksgiving.  Oh Lord, we'll probably have the Christmas carols playing on the radio next month.  Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas music.  It's just that 4-6 weeks of it is a little much, don't you think? 

Speaking of Halloween, I wanted to post a quick scrappy-related item here - a Halloween card.  Yes, now pick yourself up off the floor. An all-digital card.  I love the square designs I've seen in stores and figured that would work for digital and I wouldn't have to resize things.  Tiffany Tillman recently released this cute brush set:


... and combined with some papers from the DHD designers, I came up with this:

Now, I will say, there's a LOT of paper piecing going on here with the little witch - but I love it.  Can't wait to get this printed!  You can see full designer credits for the card by clicking on the image.

Lots happening in scrappy-land at the moment at the places I frequent.  The monthly Speed Scrap is coming up at Design House Digital ... and how about a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to the store?  I'm giving one away - check it out here.

Until next time (which will be, hopefully, sooner than Christmas LOL) ...

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