Sunday, November 11, 2012

Birthday Celebrations

Stan joked that his birthday would be a week-long celebration, and he was pretty much spot on.  Poor kid.  His 18th birthday, a big milestone, fell on ... election day.  That's right, all the hoopla of the day kinda over-shadowed what should have been an important day, the day Stan officially became an adult (although, his behavior sometimes leaves me wondering, really, it does).  We tried to turn things around, joking that all this attention on his birthday, well heck, didn't he feel special?  Yeah.  No.  A few designers at DHD released some election-themed kits, so I thought it would be a great to record Stan's birthday with this event - and just think, he can vote in the next election (eek!).


Following the official birthday date, we finished the week with dinner out at a new restaurant. Actually, we were invited to the "soft opening" by an online scrapping friend - her hubby is the executive chef at the restaurant.  Great food, good service ... and we'll definitely be going back.  Those in the local Washington DC / N. VA area, look up Firebirds (a wood-fire steakhouse) in the Stonebridge area.

After opening a few gifts from his father and me, Stan got to open the presents from his grandmother and uncle (from Australia): a Canberra Raiders (rugby league) t-shirt and scarf ... and ... a pair of suspenders! LOL  My Mum said that during our visit this summer, all Stan did was hitch his trousers up, so this was her solution.  Now, being such a good sport, Stan agreed to have some pictures taken today ... what do you think?  Fashionista?  I think not.

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JanCT said...

LOL! Total fashionista! Love that photo.