Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Love Learning!

For those that know me IRL, you know I'm a tad geek'ish.  I'm not really into books, although I do read on occasion (like going through The Hunger Games trilogy in about a week LOL - what can I say, I loved the books) ... but I'm most happiest tinkering about on my computer.  Whether it's playing with my pen and tablet doing some digital coloring - like this work in progress ...

(digital brush from Lori Boyd)

... or working on pages with soon-to-be-released kits ...

(check Pixels & Company | April 19)

... I love to learn new things - or really fine-tune and hone those skills for things that I know.  Well, okay, so things I think I know and then find out I am barely scratching the surface of (don't even get me started on the sections of Photoshop and Lightroom that I have yet to master! LOL).  I took art classes throughout high school, and even started an Industrial Design degree in college - and now I find out that Tiffany Tillman's The Scraphic Design course back at ReneePearson.com - but only one more time.  Eeek!!!  Love how Tiffany teaches her methods for creating "kick-butt" pages (and the fact that she calls them kick-butt is pretty awesome, too). I've taken a few of her classes - love that they're self-paced 'cause that works really well with my daily schedule.  There's two classes in this series - the foundations and then core principles - graphic design with scrapbooking = happy camper.  Eight weeks of learning about layering, mixing patterns (love doing this!), color, embellishing, and shadowing. There's even a critique at the end of the classes on the pages you complete - yup, your homework assignments! LOL  (but hey, scrapbooking isn't anything like your high school algebra homework, right?) Don't miss a chance to sign up - registration is open now and class #1 (Foundations) begins next month

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