Friday, April 19, 2013

The Reveal

Earlier this week I posted a "coming soon" tease on my blog (yeah, how about that - two blog posts in the same week!  Slap me - right?!) ... and here's the page, well pages.  These were pretty emotionally-charged layouts to put together and I sniffled my way through them.  My father passed away a few years ago, but the emotions are still pretty raw.  It took a strong man to make the decision he did, a decision I'm starting to accept (still wish he was here, though - miss him every day).

Credits: April Coordinates Vol. 1 - Tiffany Tillman | Butterfly - Karla Dudley

Hard as those pages were to put together, they are things I need to work through.

Thinking of those in Boston, MA in the aftermath of the bombings earlier this week, and for the families in West, TX who still have unanswered questions after the fertilizer plant explosion.

That is all for today.

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