Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Photoshop is Smart

Well, lookie there - another blog post! *gasp*  Yeah, I know ... surprises me, too! LOL 

Just wanted to share: Photoshop is smart.  Well, it has "smart objects" and they're pretty cool.  I was working on a layout last night and wanted to clip multiple layers within layers. Kinda tricky ... and for the life of me, I couldn't figure out how to do it.  Tried grouping layers and then clipping. Nope.  Then found this little menu thing called "Convert to Smart Object". I'm wondering what the heck that is, but know that there's that magic Control-Z to undo whatever this new command might do, right?  Voila!  The answer to what I was looking for.  Smart Objects are like creating a mini-layout inside a layout - very cool!

I'll put together a little show 'n' tell over the weekend and post next week, along with the layout I was working on, so you can see what I was trying to do.  But for now, I'm getting ready for a little R&R and will not have my laptop for the next *gulp* four, almost five days.  I mean, how will I survive?!  Oh, yeah, spend time with the family, catch up with the nephew and nieces, play with the dogs ...

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