Friday, September 27, 2013

Downhill Slide!

Whoa!  Tuesday is October?!  Seriously? WTH!  It seems like just last week I was grabbing all my summer clothing and dusting off the flip-flops ... and now I'm swapping out the t-shirts in favor of jackets (some really cute ones, I might add) and boots. Oh, how I love my boots *sigh*  Temperatures are starting to fall ... colors are changing, ever so slightly ... keeping the windows open at night. Ah, I love this time of year.

Of course, October brings what I like to call the downhill slide.  Before I know it, Halloween will be here ... then Thanksgiving ... then Christmas ... and then ... 2014! OMG. So much to do (in personal and work lives) and - seemingly - so little time.  That's okay.  I like to be kept busy and <<< puffs out chest, takes a deep breath >>>  I was Superwoman in a former life, so I got this.  Yup.

Speaking of Halloween and super heroes (ha! don't you love the transition), I was looking through some older Halloween pics earlier this week and found a really cute one of DS in his first costume, trick or treating at an Army Reserve weekend (that would be DH, not me LOL).  Funny thing was, DS wasn't the only one in a Spiderman costume, so the soldiers couldn't figure out how this one kid seemed to be everywhere and gees, didn't they just give him candy?  Once they saw that there were two kids of almost the same size wearing the identical costume, it was good for a laugh or two.


Well, I'd better get back to work. Darn that "thing" that pays the bills.  Such a shame, really - I'd rather be scrapping and working on my class assignments for Everyday Me with Crystal Livesay ... it's really getting me to think about things, especially since I don't record events and such about myself very often. Need to scrap (notice I said NEED, not want LOL) ... but need to work. Oh, the dilemma.  I guess a roof over my head and food on the table is pretty important ... so work it is. But hey, it's almost the weekend, so scrappy time is almost here *wink*

PS:  If you want to find out more about Crystal's class, it's being offered at a new site called Scrapaneers - and there's a ton of other classes, too. There's a pretty cool-looking one on design techniques ... wonder what it would be like to design my own scrapbook items ...

Have a great one!

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