Tuesday, October 8, 2013

No Way!

Remember that downhill slide that I mentioned?  Wow, the last week or so has been a total blur. Much of it is because of things totally outside my control - two sick "kids" (yup, even the four-legged one) and work ramping up for the end of year stuff, which is my busiest time for HR-related things.

However, I'm so thankful for an understanding family: they understand my need to scrapbook. Now, read carefully - need, not want LOL  In all the chaos, I'm so glad to have a creative outlet such as scrapbooking. It fuels my artistic side, journaling can be good therapy, and just tinkering with photos and such can be a great mental release ... and the bonus is some very productive days, nights and weekends with pages being finished. Yes, I'm on a few creative teams -- oh, and more on that in a minute, too -- so that keeps me busy, but I'm still finding time to scrap just for me. Remember that class I'm taking at Scrapaneers - this one: Everyday Me with Crystal Livesay - well, I've been finishing up quite a few pages that are all about ... well, me - and that's not something I often scrap about. I love how the album is coming together. I shared the cover page a few weeks ago, but here's what I've been working on since then:

(a link to the class, in case you're interested in finding out more about it)

Now, that creative team (CT) stuff. Actually, I've got some pretty cool announcements :) Firstly, I'm a Peer at Scrapaneers! I love being able to share my scrapbooking techniques and learn new things and when the opportunity came to apply for the team, I couldn't say no. Also, I'm so happy that Crystal Livesay picked me to be part of her newly-expanded CT, too.  (Did I say I was busy earlier? LOL)

Well, speaking of busy, I'd better get to doing some work ... chat with y'all later.

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