Friday, November 22, 2013


See that subject line? Discombobulated. That's kind of how I feel right now - fingers in a ton of pies ... and none of them the fat-free-no-calorie type, either. Bummer. It's chaos, but organized chaos. Right now, for example, I have TruTV on in the background for college basketball, a dog snoring at my feet, and I'm playing holiday music through the speakers on my laptop. I've got four tabs open in Internet Explorer, two more in Firefox, plus I'm working on two files in Photoshop, and something in Word. Okay, so as I type this and read, I'm wondering if I'm contributing to my own chaos ... ? Nah, couldn't be. Nope ... it's call multi-tasking, right?

Been a while since I blogged about, well, anything really. I've been really busy with "stuff" - you know, the ole saying, "Shit happens" - well, I've got a boatload right now. Seriously. Smells pretty bad. But, I'll continue to pull up my big girl panties and keep wading through things until the New Year - that's kind of my prediction as to when things might return to normal, whatever that is. (Does anyone really know what "normal" is? LOL)

Thankfully, through all the chaos, I have some great friends who make me laugh - and they're great for a bit of a reality check. I mean seeing pictures of Man of the Year, Adam Levine, posted on Facebook and in message board forums ... that's real, right? *sigh* Even my nephew posts some great funnies, like one I shared on my Facebook page earlier today. If you're a scrapper and friends with me on FB, take a look - you will understand how fonts are all-important ... and you'll be like O.M.G. with this one (and if you're not friends with my in FB, what are you waiting for?!). I'm also using creative outlets as a great stress release from my day-to-day crap :) I tinker with things, here and there, scrapbook things for family and friends, and also continue to take a class or two - I've been digi-scrapping for 10 years, but there's still things that I'm learning ... kinda cool, actually.

So, just wanted to say "Hey!" and let everyone know I'm still here, alive and kickin' - just really busy. I'll leave you with some eye candy with recent scrapbook pages - happy Friday and if I don't chat with y'all next week, Happy Thanksgiving. :)

(modification of a quickpage for the Sans Paper Scissors class at Scrapaneers)
This Day (kit Positively by Kim B Designs)

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Vicki said...

You made me think I am more normal than I thought!! LOL! Great layouts too! Have a great holiday.