Monday, December 2, 2013

Digi-Shadowing 101

One of my goals when I create a digital scrapbook page is to make it look real - like you want to reach out and touch things (well, other than recording great memories, photos, etc. - of course!). I take it as a huge compliment when paper- or non-scrappers want to know if it's "real". There's a lot to be said with starting with quality digital products, a good design layout or structure to your page ... but often, too, technique can play a big role in getting that realism on the pages - and for me, it's all about shadowing.

Take a look here - no shadowing vs. shadows:

Quite a noticeable difference, right?  Want to learn more?  Aaaaaahhh, I have the perfect solution to learn some great shadowing tips, try out a few techniques, and even hang out on a live video chat with - oh, look, ME! (how awesome is that?!) -- The Digital Scrapbooker's Guide to Shadowing and Dimensional Effects with Tiffany Tillman?


C'mon, what ya waitin' for?  Okay, so fiiiine, you want to try something else, instead - self-paced classes have been on sale for a few days (you knew that, right?!), but you can still grab a discount through today:


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