Monday, May 19, 2014

Art Journalers - Pay Attention!

So ... I've been toying back and forth with digital art journaling this year. It's a great way to throw all design principles out the window and just ... well, just create! Nobody has to understand the page, so long as it has meaning to me. Absolute freedom to mix 'n' match, to blend, to just have fun. There's a somewhat therapeutic benefit to art journaling, too, being able to express ones feelings. Tough? Yes, but worth the time invested in oneself. (check out my Facebook header - that's part of my art journal for this year with the theme, "Believe You Can Fly")

One thing I love to add in my journaling pages are images of people - some realistic, some not. There's a new class coming up at Scrapaneers that would be awesome to add those finishing touches to my art journal: Art Dolls by Cilena Curtis - click on the picture below for more information.

I'm in!  How about you?!
Great thing about self-paced classes is you'll get access to the class material and can finish up pages weeks or even months later. Um, yeah, I'm doing that right now with Everyday Me with Crystal Livesay - my latest pages - from the section on the "present".  Past - done. Present - done. Now, on to the future!

Back to scrapping I go ... or maybe I'll just hang out on Facebook and play a few rounds of Candy Crush ...

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