Monday, June 23, 2014

Busy ... busy ... busy!

Wow, it's been a hectic few weeks. I've been busy trying to keep a secret - well, didn't do very well with it. Okay, so truth be told, I was pretty excited, so I kept dropping hints here and there. What's the news? Heck no, I'm not pregnant! Sheesh.  When I first started digital scrapbooking, I was at Two Peas in a Bucket, most of the time ... and then I moved to Design House Digital ... and now I'm a Pixels and Company. No, I'm not moving again, but a designer that I love - and have met (she's adorbs!) - is coming out of retirement and opening her store at P&Co and I'm on her creative team ...

That's right! Jen's back!  We're doing a lot of things with Instagram, so that's the place to keep tabs on us - new releases, projects from the team, announcements from Jen, etc. I've even launched myself into the world of Smartphones (a Samsung Galaxy 5, thank you very much), and started my own Instagram account - see, click on this Instagram (not much in there, I'll admit, but it's a start LOL)  - there's a link to my account on the main screen here (on the right), too. You can follow Jen @JenAllyson_Digital, and we'd love for you to tag with #jenallysondigital if you're using one of her kits. So excited! :)  Here's a few things I've already done with a soon-to-be-released kit:

Along with getting ready for Jen's launch tomorrow, I had a great opportunity to meet an online scrapping friend, in person. Kym and her family were visiting the DC area from Hawaii and we had a chance to hang out at the National Zoo for the day. Thankfully, after days of on and off rain, we had a clear day and not too hot (but hot enough). Kym and her family were wonderful. I love meeting my online friends. For many of us, we've "known" each other for, literally, years. Seen our kids grown up, cross-country moves, marriages - and divorces :(, and lived vicariously through others while they're on vacation. A little nerve-wracking to meet someone that's both a stranger ... and yet, they're not. I'll be back with more photos from that day soon.
For now, I've got work to do - no, seriously, like IRL work LOL.

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