Sunday, December 21, 2014

Well, let the holiday madness - at work - continue. I was in the office yesterday - Saturday - working on a few things. Yes, it's time out of my weekend, but to be honest, I got quite a bit accomplished. Amazing what you can do when the phone isn't ringing, emails aren't distracting me, or when coworkers don't have questions. There was one other person in the office, but she sits quite a way away, so we really didn't interact much.

Today, Sunday, I'm hoping to watch a little football this afternoon (yay, Redskins for a win yesterday ... finally!) and just chill with the computer and do some scrapping. I've got a bunch of things on my to-do list for designers and such, but I'm still finding time to play for myself. Last month I participated in all of the monthly challenges at Memory Scraps and won their entire Memory Mix collection for the month of December. It's a huge collection! I just finished downloading it, so I've got a ton of things to play with for my own pleasure.  Thanks designers!

Remember that "change" thing I talked about a few days ago. Pixels and Company has gone to a subscription-based plan, but don't panic! There are still kits from the designers and the store, with new releases mid-month. I took a look at Meredith's store and grabbed her Dream A Little Dream kit to create this page about Haddie and her love of sleeping upside-down (the template, which I modified a bit, is in the store, too) --

Over at The Digital Press, they're still working on getting the gallery up and running, but you can see layouts in the forums - threads are started each week. Here's a few things I created recently - the first page for Dawn (Dawn by Design), and the second for Shannon (Scotty Girl Design) --

(a close-up of the tree, so you can see all the detail)

Back to scrappin' I go!  Later :)

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