Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome 2015!

After a year of ups and downs, there are some things that I'll miss from 2014, but I'm welcoming 2015 with open arms. I didn't stay up last night to watch fireworks or the ball drop in Times Square; got a good night's sleep - I needed it. Today, I've celebrated the New Year by pretty much relaxing. That's what we're supposed to do, right?  Tomorrow's a work day for me (boo!), so I took advantage of some downtime to create a few scrapbook pages, cook a little (crumb cake and a beef roast - both really yummy), watch the Cotton Bowl (and bummed that the hubby decided the Spartans were doing to lose and changed channels ... and they came back to win in the final minutes! #goSpartans), and oh, look, did a load of dishes. Oh yeah, baby, livin' the high life.

New Year's resolutions. Do you have any? I'm like, eh, I set them ... and forget them or don't achieve them ... usually, not even close. This year, four things on my list:

  • Complete a Project Life album, week 1 through 52
  • Go back to school to get my CEBS certification (that Certified Employment Benefits Specialist) - about a 2-year project
  • Relax more, even if I have to schedule time to do so (sad, but true)
  • General health and well-being, i.e., more time for me

Not a long list, but ones that will hit on a few areas of my life. I think I'll print this page and keep it with me - one copy at work, and one copy at my home office/workstation (made with the January collab from the P&Co designers, Winter Wish):
Going to get off the computer for a while and watch some college football - Oregon vs. Florida State. Go Ducks!

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