Monday, October 11, 2010

Scrapping Nemesis - do you have one?

So, what is your scrapping nemesis?  You know.  That one thing you'd like to do ... a look to achieve ... something you try over and over, and yet it still doesn't look right?  Your page looks back at you, teasing, mocking ... For me, it's using patterned paper as a background.  I'm a solids girl.  White, kraft, blue, even black.  Sure, I'll use patterns for elements, but backgrounds ... ?  I saw a way to challenge myself during the speed scrap at DHD this past weekend - after all, I was hosting the challenge. *wink*  Each month we'll be having a speed scrap (2nd Saturday, 10:00 pm Eastern), and each month I'll be picking a technique or element that can, for some, be a little challenging.  Last month, we cropped photos into squares (I think the participants were really happy that I didn't pick circles instead! LOL) ... this month, working with patterned paper: journaling over patterns, pattern as background.

Here's the page I did using Kate Teague's Life in October kit.  I was happy to see quite a few participants in the scrap this month - even some of the DHD designers stopped by, which was nice.  One lady even joined us from New Zealand, on her birthday, no less! Now that's pretty cool!

I really love the powder blue date tag in this kit of Kate's, so I used it again (LOL) in my Project 365 page for last week.  * shock ... horror * I did a P365 page at the end of the week when the events actually occured?!

P365 is made a lot easier when I actually keep the camera out.  Have more pictures to scrap after this past weekend.  Did you do anything for 10/10/10 (yesterday)?  I thought about scrapping 10 things for the day ... but we ended up driving to Charles Town, WV, for a little bit of fun, instead.  Took a little detour to a pumpkin patch ... a pumpkin patch on TOP of a steep hill with a gravel road, wide enough for about 1 1/2 cars, so passing was fun - not!  Didn't get many pictures of the pumpkins - the place was packed with people, but did get some nice ones of the farm.  Will be scrapping those, for sure.

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